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Our Services


Our in-house experienced engineer has helped hundreds of customers over two decades with their complete IT lifecycle. Ranging from pre-deployment design and implementation of multi-site projects, to setup and configurations of local small business with a single laptop – on time and budget.


  • Client/Server deployments
  • Network design and build including cabling
  • Remote telephone support to suit your needs
  • Multi-site deployments
  • Network convergence with VoIP telephony and IP based CCTV technologies
  • Remote working environments
  • Internet connectivity
  • Printing


From protecting your business and remote employees against vulnerabilities from outside your network, to system administration that mitigates against human error, security of your systems is just as important for our smallest clients as our biggest, multi-site clients.

Precautionary solutions

  • Hardware firewalls
  • Anti-Virus and spyware
  • Anti-Spam managed service
  • Proactive remote monitoring
  • Virtual Private Networks

Post-event services

  • On-site and remote security audit for vulnerability testing


Supporting your business every step of the way, as your requirements evolve overtime. We pride ourselves in keeping your business running smoothly. We can take care of all your IT needs, support your IT manager on demand, or in line with service level agreements tailored to your requirements.

  • Flexible service level agreements
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Remote telephone support to suit your needs
  • On-site visits
  • Emergency response
  • Routine onsite maintenance visits


  • Office productivity software
  • Patch and software updates management

Disaster Recovery

The range of options can be overwhelming; from local and online backup to real-time, off site data replication. Contact us and share your IT environment with us, and we will share our experiences and expertise with you, to find your ideal in-budget solution.

Precautionary solutions

  • Contingency planning advise
  • Secure online remote back up
  • Mirroring data on standby servers
  • On-site configuration and deployment of tape based and raid based devices

Post-event services

  • Data rebuilding and retrieving
  • Interim emergency systems deployment including email systems

Excellent advice and service. Always there to help when needed.

Dr Jonathan Bradshaw

Eikonika Ltd